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Apprentice Jobs UK is a part of the family, which is the UK's leading website for budding apprentices to find an apprenticeship job. We launched ApprenticeJobs.UK in December 2020 to help both employers and budding apprentices find their ideal apprenticeship opportunity.

  • There are many different benefits for starting an apprenticeship. The main benefit in our opinion is the fact you get paid a salary to learn a new skill and gain life changing qualifications to successfully carve out a long lasting career. Unlike university where you could potentially rack up over £30k of debt receiving a salary while you are training is possibly the greatest benefit of all. Other bandits include:
    • Nationally recognised qualifications
    • On the job training
    • A head start in your career development
    • Debt Free learning and training
  • That depends on the company you will be doing your apprenticeship training with. The national average for apprentice pay is over £15,000 per annum, which is much higher then apprentices have historically been paid. Employers are required, legally, to pay the National Minimum Wage for apprentices starting at £4.15per hour and tasing in line with your age. However that being said since the competition is hotting up to attract apprentices many companies are paying much higher hourly or annual salaries to secure apprentices for their apprenticeship job opportunities.

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FIND APPRENTICESHIPS was launched in 2016 and so has help tens of thousands of budding apprentices find their ideal apprenticeship opportunity. As our parent website Find Apprenticeships advertised apprenticeship jobs all across the UK from leading brands and apprenticeship training providers, receiving in excess of 70k unique visitors each month.

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Apprentices.APP is currently in the making, we aim to be able to launch our native APP in 2021 giving budding apprentices easy access to apprenticeship jobs from all over the UK. Our Apprentices APP will enable you to apply for apprenticeship jobs within seconds and receive push notification alerting you to the latest apprentice jobs.

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apprenticeship levels explained


Intermediate Apprenticeships or commonly more none as Level 2 Apprenticeships are your entry level into starting an apprenticeship job.

An intermediate level apprenticeship is great for those post 16 who no longer want to stay on at school but are required to stay on in further education.

Studying on the job through the Intermediate Apprenticeship route enables you to work towards a nationally recognised qualification such as an NVQ Level 2 or BTEC diploma, which would be the equivalent of 5 GSCE's and enables you to advance to the Advanced Level Apprenticeship.


Advanced Apprenticeships are your Level 3 Apprenticeship qualification, which is the equivalent of 2 A-Levels.

The entry requirements for an Advanced Apprenticeship is 5 GCSEs which is why the Intermediate Apprenticeship offers you the chance to gain the required results to advance to the Level 3 Apprenticeship.

Many people opt for the Advanced Apprenticeship even with A-Level qualification as it gives them the required on the job training to be able to advance to either a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship opportunity after they have successfully completed their apprenticeship training.


Higher Level Apprenticeships are sometimes referred to as Level 4 Apprenticeships as they give you the opportunity to gain an NVQ Level 4 or a Foundation Degree.

To successfully qualify for a Higher Apprenticeship you must have the following criteria at least 5 GCSE's grades A* – C which must include Maths and English, either have completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship or hold A* Levels, or an NVQ or BTEC qualification.

Once you have successfully completed your Higher Level Apprenticeship you will have the opportunity to advance to a Degree Apprenticeship enabling you to gain either a Bachelors or Masters Degree.


Degree Apprenticeships are great for those who want to achieve a Degree either at a Bachelors or Masters levels and not have to study at University full-time.

Studying for a degree level apprenticeship puts you one step ahead of those who have attended university full-time as you will have the relevant on the job training and experience in your desired career path whilst still attaining a degree qualification.

Although Degree Apprenticeships are a more recent offering than the other apprenticeship levels many companies are working along universities to be able to offer them for apprentices who don’t want to attend uni full-time but have the ability to gain a degree.

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