The College of Policing

The College of Policing

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About this Apprentice Employer

What we do

  • We connect everyone working in the police and law enforcement to understand their challenges.
  • We use evidence-based knowledge in everything we develop.
  • We help police officers and staff; researchers, academics and learning providers; the international policing community; and the public.
  • We give a voice to professional policing on standards, skills and capabilities.

Support professional development

We set requirements, accredit, quality assure and deliver learning and professional development, promote diversity and wellbeing and help to nurture and select leaders at all levels.

Set standards

We set standards for key areas of policing which help forces and individuals provide consistency and better service for the public.

Share knowledge and good practice

We create and maintain easy access to knowledge, disseminate good practice and facilitate the sharing of what works.

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