Trainee Nursing Assistant

  • London
  • Posted 7 months ago
  • Salary: £8.82


About The Role

Senior or Experienced Carer to Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

As a Senior Carer / Trainee Nursing Assistant at HC One, you will be a role model as you lead by example to live out the quality of supreme kindness which will evident in every aspect of your work in our Memory Care, Nursing, Residential and Specialist care homes. Everyone who works here understands that our residents are people just like them with their own stories to tell. By joining us, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to give something back to those people.

For you, that will mean making sure our residents’ care planning arrangements are delivered impeccably. We want to offer our residents a sense of choice and independence and you’ll be the person to ensure we do. And, whether you’re taking up a nursing task delegated to you, reporting an accident or spending time with someone who’s demonstrating symptoms of dementia, you’ll always have resident wellbeing in mind above anything else.

About You

Senior Care Assistants – have you wondered what your next career move is? Are you looking to develop your skills and knowledge? Would you like to earn more money?
If so, HC-One has the perfect career opportunity for you.
We have created a new Nursing Assistant role which is the very first of its kind!
We have created an outstanding and refreshing development program that will up skill and train Senior Care Assistants to be able to undertake more responsibility to develop into a Nursing Assistant.
This role will assist in tasks such as administering medicines, care of wounds, catheter care and other direct clinical tasks, under the supervision and guidance of the qualified Nurse.

What’s also great is you will get a salary increase once you have completed your program.


Great! This is what you need to qualify for the development program:

  • S/NVQ Level III Health & Social Care (or working towards)
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in Health & Social Care where you have been a Senior Carer or a similar position with leadership responsibilities especially around administering medicines and leading a shift
  • Knowledge and understanding of the person centred care planning process and the relevant legislative and Regulatory requirements.
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